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Are you looking for one of the highest quality counselling services in Limerick?

You should visit the Creating Calm website and speak to an expert counsellor-Colette Linehan for the highest quality counselling service in Limerick.

She is an expert in this profession and is a graduate of the Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences. Colette Linehan is fully accredited by her profession. She is also a former director of the Limerick Mental Health Association.

Colette graduated from the Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences-ICHAS-where she completed a BA degree in Counselling & Psychometric Testing and a BA (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy. If you are looking for the highest quality counselling service in Limerick Colette Linehan is the individual that you really ought to contact.

Counselling continues to prove to be a very effective tool in helping people to make positive changes in their lives by helping to alter some of the negative automatic thought patterns that people may have.

For one of the highest quality counselling services in Limerick see Colette Linehan’s website: http://www.counsellinglimerick.com

The main aim of the counselling sessions with Colette is to assist the person, the couple or the family to come to their own satisfactory understandings or actions allowing each person to manage sometimes troubling issues.

Approach to treatment is based on the application of the most up-to-date counselling techniques and learning through Continuous Professional Development all of which results in the delivery of the highest quality counselling service- Limerick.

Colette Linehan specializes in couple’s counselling and has got experience in helping the narcissistic/co-dependent couple.

Client-centred & non-judgmental counselling modalities are utilized within an ethos that demonstrates being supportive, empathetic and having unconditional positive regard for the client in collaboration with each client entails offering useful suggestions rather than directing or giving advice.

Colette Linehan is a truly excellent life coach also. You can rest assured that Colette Linehan provides a high quality, competitively priced (sliding scale fee) making Colette Linehan’s counselling service accessible to all regardless of financial circumstances!

If you are seeking one of the highest quality counselling services- Limerick, Colette Linehan’s counselling services rank very highly. This is the establishment that you should contact today.

Either give Colette a call on 087)2798553 or fill out the contact form on her website.

Include your full name & and contact details and Colette will reply to your query as soon as possible to discuss how she may best meet your requirements.




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