Accessible & Affordable Counselling

Perhaps you may be feeling overly-burdened in today’s busy world! Are you pushing yourself too hard? You may be feeling anxious or distressed for reasons that are not fully clear to you. Could you benefit from feeling really listened to throughcounselling?

Colette Linehan (MAPCP B.A. Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy) offers a counselling service for the Limerick and Clare areas. As well as being experienced in working with groups, she offers one-to-one counselling sessions with the aim to facilitate building resilience in the face of life’s stressors.
One-to-one counselling that is delivered within a supportive, non-judgemental and a safe environment, having the utmost regard for her clients, she has proven to be very successful in helping people find solutions to their problems.
 Colette assists clients in finding their own way around dealing with their issues by offering suggestions and neither directing the sessions nor giving advice. 
For discreet and supportive counselling for the Limerick and Clare area please contact Colette Linehan – Click here.

Feeling overwhelmed in today's busy world?


Counsellor and Life Coach

About to leave school or college and wondering what your career options are?
Feeling under-challenged in your current position and considering making a career change?
Are you experiencing stress where money matters are concerned?
Perhaps you may benefit from obtaining some impartial financial management advice. In addition to availing of a high quality, competitively priced counselling service Colette Linehan is experienced in providing support in the area of career choices and financial management.

Why choose Counselling?

Counselling has proven to be an effective tool in helping people to make positive changes in their lives by altering negative thought processes thereby enabling people to take greater control of their lives. Colette Linehan provides the highest quality services that are of reduced-cost and accessible for all – regardless of your financial circumstances. Counselling has been proven to be incredibly effective.

The goal of inner work is to help clients unblock their bottlenecks and learn how to live in partnership with the unconscious rather than at its mercy.” – Robert Johnson

Training & Expertise

Colette Linehan is a graduate of the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences ICHAS (formerly the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Institute of Ireland-N.C.P.I.I.) where she completed a B.A. Degree in Counselling Skills and Psychometric Testing along with MAPCP B.A. Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy.
As part of her Degree programme, Colette has also completed 1000 hours of skills training tutorial contact as well as 110 hours of clinical practice.
Some of the areas of study include the following: Abnormal Psychology; Bereavement; Substance Misuse; Social Cultural and Political Issues in Counselling and Group Facilitation Skills.
Colette Linehan is fully certified in N.L.P (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) and Critical Incident Stress De-briefing.

Approach to Treatment

Colette’s approach to psychological treatment is based on the application of the most up-to-date techniques, experience and continuing professional development. Her service, ‘Creating Calm’, provides professional counselling in a comfortable, private, well-appointed setting.
Working on a holistic basis, ‘Creating Calm’s‘ ethos is primarily client-centred and integrative, having regard for the individual’s life and overall well-being.
She frequently incorporates the principles of the ‘Living Life to the Full‘ ( programme into my work with clients. The Living Life to the Full programme has been developed by Dr. Chris Williams, who is a Professor of Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the University of Glasgow and is a recognised expert in the area of C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Feeling overwhelmed in today's busy world?


Creating Calm Counselling

With Colette Linehan (D.E.L.F MAPCP B.A. Hons)

Counselling is client-centred and non-judgemental, supportive and empathic. This facilitates empowering the client


Counselling Services

My counselling services are also available Skype-to-Skype, on Facebook (call/video call), on WhatsApp (call/video call) and STC (standard telephone counselling).

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